Before you decide to sign up one or more teams, we wish to inform you about some organizational matters:


  • Our main goal is that all kids have fun.
  • We expect that enough supervision is present for every entered team
  • Teams that come with more participants than specified, shall notify the organization before the 1st of June.
  • During the tournament the team supervisors are fully responsible for the actions of their players.
  • The tournament will be held in heated outdoor pools.

The games:

  •  We highly appreciate it when you can supply a referee as well. You can indicate this on the registration form.
  • Each team will provide in it’s own game ball.
  • A player is allowed to participate in an older age group, but not in a younger age group than his / her age.
  • Teams play with 7 players per teams in the age groups under 13 and 15 years.
  • The games for the teams under 11 are also played with 7 players per team. However, if there are associations with insufficient players , it can be played in teams of 5 against 5.
  • In the age group under 9 years old the games are played in teams of 5 against 5. For this age group, the tournament will be finished in one day.
  • The rules such as those developed by the Task Force Water Polo youth plan, KNZB 1995, will be the starting point in the arbitration.

Signing up:

  • Participation is in order of registration.
  • The entry fee is € 85, = per team.
  • The entry fee for children under 9 years = € 50 per team.
  • A team is only registered when the registration is fully completed and when the registration fee is paid.
  • If you withdraw a team within 14 days before the start of the tournament, you will receive no refund of the entry fee .
  • The participants receive one week prior to the tournament the schedule.


  • During the tournament alcohol is strictly prohibited on and near the tournament site.


During your stay and staying overnight:

  • During this tournament it is expected that all waste gets cleaned up by the teams.
  • As per firefighter’s instructions only tents are allowed on the field, so no caravans, camper`s or trailers.
  • Staying on the field next to the pool is free. There is only limited space on the field next to the pool, so we expect everyone’s cooperation to maximize the usage of the available space. When the field next to the pool is full, you will be requested to spent the night on one of the campsites near Noordwolde instead.
  • As far as setting up the tents on the field around the pool is concerned, the principle applies: first to come , first served !
  • It may be that there is insufficient space on the grounds around the pool to accommodate all tents. We advise you to stay at campsites around Noordwolde. This is possible for a reasonable price.
  • Open fire ( BQQ ) is prohibited on the premises unless a recently approved fire extinguisher is present and ready.
  • We also provide in  a spectacular evening program.

Damage and liability

  • Each participant , coach or supporter who causes damage to the pool or on the grounds of the pool or in the immediate vicinity of the pool is liable. The damage will always be recovered. The association which is responsible for the delegation will be addressed for the damage caused!
    will always be recovered from the club that has caused this damage.
  • The Organization of Stiennen Flier Cup is never responsible for any damages which are caused by third parties (a.o. participants, coaches or supporters).


We hope to receive your registration soon, at least before June 5, 2016 , The registration form can be mailed to :

On behalf of the organization of the Stiennen Flier Cup tournament ,

Freek, Ronald, Niek, Gosse en Herman